Chanel & Birthdays

So my roomies, these cool fashionistas, have May birthdays, just 2 days apart.

When I asked, “Okay, so what cake am I making for the party??”, they both squealed in excitement.  They were dying to have Chanel themed cupcakes at the celebration.  I was in the mood to try something new and up for the challenge.

FIRST, I FOCUSED ON THE CAKE…the foundation, the home base. I made a few test batches, playing on one of my mother’s recipes, for the birthday girls to try (Not chocolate for once, as chocolate crumbs in teeth at party = not cute).  After a bundle of strawberries, splash of buttermilk, and zing of lemon, the winning combinations were White Chocolate Strawberry and White Chocolate Lemon buttermilk cupcakes.

These cupcakes were perfect for late spring, early summer.  Fruity and light, they were just the right amount of sweet, and with a hint of white chocolate, they carried this delicate richness with them.

NEXT, THE FROSTING, the cake’s fun, exciting, sweet lover, which would tie everything together.  I chose to create a tangy, almost savory, maple white chocolate cream cheese icing, which paired beautifully with the lemon and strawberry cakes.

I also played around with a chocolate buttercream, as it was easier to dye this into black frosting.

NOW THE DECOR WAS ANOTHER STORY…I was stressing a bit about this, because of course, the cupcakes had to LOOK awesome too…I mean, come on our society is all about “the image” right :-)?  But, I had NO IDEA how I would make the Chanel logo toppers…Yikes.

Thank goodness I found NY CAKE.  I snuck out of work to go check it out (As this place is only open from 9am-6pm, my work hours).  When I entered the cluttered store, teeming with people discussing their baking projects, I was in heaven.  This place was just filled to the brim with baking supplies, dishes, icings, sprinkles, glitter, fondant, frostings, colors, toppers, decals, and everything else you could possible imagine in the realm of baking!  I chatted for awhile with a lady who worked there about my cupcake ambitions and finally felt like these cupcakes were going to work out…even she got super excited in the process!

I left with metallic silver sprinkles, black glitter dust, black and silver cupcake liners, food coloring, a tube of black icing, white Royal icing, and a happy heart.

After going on a lovely bike ride through central park, eating some sushi, and teaching a yoga class, I got home and started the decorating!

I made the Chanel logos from Royal Icing on wax paper.  When they dried, I carefully placed them on top of the cakes.

Some disco dust and sprinkles will do the trick!


The girls were THRILLED – they came out quite well.

Tasted fabulous. Definitely set the mood of the party.  You can find the cupcake recipe here and frosting recipe here.

7 thoughts on “Chanel & Birthdays

  1. Jill

    YES! this was such a fun post to read :) seriously, thank you so much for these cupcakes! they were amazing to look at but even MORE amazing to eat! so delicious. job well done love :)

  2. Rebecca

    So cool! I’ll definitely have to check out this store when I visit NYC in July! How’d you find out about this little gem?

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  4. Rae

    Disco dust is plastic craft glitter. It’s not edible and should not be used on food.

    Edible glitter is made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin.

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