Welcome to Bake (+travel) with Sonia, a place to rest your heels with a cuppa chai, take off on a journey to India, start salivating over something deliciously wholesome, and maybe even get inspired to try a yoga pose!

20131007-190838.jpgI started this blog in Berkeley, November 2009, as a creative outlet to share my passion for melted butter, caramelized sugar, blueberry muffins, and of course, chocolate. (You will find a lot of chocolate on here if you poke around).

As I began to grow and spread my wings to the New York fashion industry, to teaching yoga in the East Village, to living in India and studying yoga with Guruji BKS Iyengar, Bake with Sonia started to evolve too.

It has been my trusty sidekick, and it will fill you in with all the things I am experiencing as I dive deeper into the realm of yoga, immerse myself into Indian culture, and fill my heart with nourishment.


How to navigate this site:

FOODIE: A soft yellow of a perfectly cooked egg, the sheen of melted chocolate, the innocence of a ripe red tomato, the creamy, gritty texture of homemade peanut butter…I could go on forever. I was raised to appreciate fresh, wholesome, homemade, khana, or food. This part of the blog shares more about the beautiful fuel that we put in our bodies.

TRAVEL: The past five years have taken me on adventures across the globe. This is your invitation to travel along with me and keep me company as I immerse myself in new cultures, meet fascinating people, observe and experience the unknown, and learn.

YOGI: Yoga is my breath, my shield, my light, and purpose. I aim to spread this healing gift to as many people as possible. Here you will find asanas, or poses, tips to the practice, and enlightenment from my Guruji, BKS Iyengar.

BEAUTY BAKES: I am a sucker for the salon. Pamper yourself with some foodie facials and beauty spices.

RECIPES: Here, you will find a wide variety of baked goods and Indian recipes. Some are healthy, while others are chalk full of butter! Nevertheless, all of my recipes are made with wholesome, good quality ingredients, and 100% Sonia love.

Whether you are a yogi, foodie, or friendly reader, I am SO glad you are here. Make yourself at home, tell me what you think, and feel free to drop me a line anytime.20131007-194318.jpg

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