Breaking the Bay.

Spent a BEAUTIFUL weekend in the Bay Area. So much love, yoga, and good food packed into three days.

Thank you God for my two very different yet wonderful brothers. They treat me like a princess and train me like a warrior solider at the same time. Sonia Blade status.

I really have the best friends. So many HEARTS came to find me this weekend, to give me hugs and share stories. Everyone is the same as I remembered, yet starting to grow up and blossom into beautiful butterflies. I was so energized by their ambition and open-mindedness – received some much needed strength and reassurance that right now, it’s totally okay to be a wandering yogi ;).

20130522-005126.jpgYOGA EVERYDAY with my yogis!! In Berkeley…on the Embarcadero pier, much to the delight of the tourists…everywhere I got the chance. I felt right at home on my mat in all of the Yoga to the People studios. The soothing sound of the singing bowl closing the class left me laying in savasana forever. Mmm Mmm good. The only thing different was my practice – gosh it has changed so much since India!

And finally, SO MANY GOOD EATS!

Fenton’s Creamery. The 117 year-old ice cream diner in Oakland that I worked at all throughout college. Featured in Pixar’s UP!. The hot fudge here is by far the greatest (I have tried my fair share of hot fudges). BEST JOB I’VE EVER HAD. We ordered Black and Tans and Saddleback Brownies, as per my brothers’ requests.  I felt like a mini-celebrity as my family of co-workers stopped by to give me hugs and shake hands – the servers and cooks and ice cream scoopers and bussers and my cheery boss. This place will forever be in my heart.20130522-005120.jpg

Four Barrel coffee. Really cool coffee place. I don’t drink coffee, but I am a huge coffee fan. Is that possible? Does that make no sense? I am trying my best to be a coffee connoisseur without actually drinking the stuff. Shhh. Anyways, this place was huge, with cool seating. Smelled amazing. Roasted their own beans right there in the shop. No tea allowed.20130522-005131.jpg

El Papalote. Ate here in the post-Bay to Breakers drunk man chaos. Packed with funny costumes and hot messes. Huge burritos. Amazing salsa. Serious burrito wrapping techniques. Really hit the spot. My El Papalote yelp review.20130522-005115.jpg

Padrecito. My friend actually lives right above this spot. How convenient! Delicious upscale Mexican food with all sorts of tacos and out-of-this-world brocolini. We had so much fun trying all the different drinks here. My Padrecito yelp review.

Humphry Slocombe. Hipster ice cream shop. My older brother and I bonded over “Secret Breakfast” and “Vietnamese Coffee” ice creams. Wild flavors, but really tasty. I had to try almost every one before making up my mind – thank goodness the boy behind the counter was friendly. My Humphry Slocombe yelp review.

Cheeseboard Bakery – the absolute best ginger cookie. Hands down. I could eat this everyday. Mmmdelicious, I want one now. My Cheeseboard Bakery yelp review.

Currently at home packing for New York and then India. I could best be described as a mess of mixed emotions. The worst packer ever. To top it off, Luke is giving me the cold shoulder. He knows what those big suitcases mean.image1 Maybe I’ll do a handstand and that will make it all better ;).

Much love,

More later,








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