Did you miss me?

Believe it or not, I’ve been here for a whole day already!

My travel was so smooth. Direct evening flight from New York to Mumbai, thanks to my dad who always books me the most comfortable flights. I was so worn out from my New York weekend of excited conversation, phenomenal yoga classes, 4am bedtimes, AND my Herculean act of carrying 107 pounds of luggage down seven flights of stairs (okay, my friend TJ carried the much bigger bag…amazing friend). So when I got on the plane, I crashed. According to my very chatty neighbor, I was in deep sleep for six hours.  2013-05-27 17.19.00

Then a three hour bus ride to Pune on the Shivneri. Tiffin lunch packed by our excellent family friends in Mumbai. I had all this great new music to jam to so I didn’t even mind the long car ride.

How can I best describe my three weeks in America?

A blessing. A vote of confidence. A reality check. A test of strength and courage. A tease.

Overall, MUCH needed.

To be honest, when leaving California, I was starting to get cold feet about coming back to India. However, my New York weekend really hit the spot. I was totally rejuvenated by the energy and feedback I received there. Got me stoked for this next journey!

In two-and-a-half days, I met SO MANY YOGIS I LOVED. Just radiating with energy. The yogi bond is really something special.

I was blessed with the gift of pure and genuine listening. I told my stories over and over again to such earnest, excited hearts. They wanted to take part in the story.

When I confessed that I felt a bit guilty about playing yoga in India and escaping the “American reality” of earning money at a job, my friend looked at me matter of factly and said “There is plenty of that “reality” stuff here. Whenever you want it. So if I were you, I’d stay away as long as I can.” Hah, I guess she is right. Who knows, maybe my dream adventures are already paving the way to a new concept of my reality.

My friend’s incredible art exhibit – ANATOMY + ART                      .2013-05-25 21.34.05              2013-05-25 21.34.55

Everyone beats their own drum in New York.  Independent spirits. I think that is what makes this city such an interesting place. So the feedback I received was something like, “You go girl! Get out of here. Go do cool awesome things that excite you. What are you waiting for!?”

Ah my lovely New York! How happy I am to know you! It was rainy when I arrived, but then it saw my pocketful of sunshine that I had carried over with me from California ;). Springtime sunshine.

Live music, babies in parks, ice cream trucks, pretty people.

I started laughing as I walked down the Broadway and found myself in a Taiwanese festival. New York sure knows how to charm a person.

AND they just started a bikeshare, like in Europe. So neat!!

YOGA WAS INCREDIBLE. Jared’s scorpion hour! Loved the new hot FIRE sequence. Some feel good H-A  haaaaa vinyasa. Surrounded by my beautiful best yogi friends. Amazing energy. Just fabulous. So much love for Yoga to the People and all my yogi friends. They have changed my life.


Compost cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar.2013-05-25 18.14.43

Yerba Matte with soy milk and honey from MUD.

Spicy Ginger with tofu from Thai Terminal.

Three dollar hummus sandwiches from Mamoun’s Falafel.

Stracciatella gelato from Eataly.2013-05-27 15.02.02.

And of course, my special seat on the top floor of WHOLE FOODS where I could sit and eat my snack and watch the Hare Krishna guys do their thing in Union Square.

It only took a day for me to pick up the NY-tick. I caught myself in utter frustration while waiting in the 12-minute bathroom line at Whole Foods. Omg-this-line-is-so-long, shoot-i-have-places-to-be, oh-nooo-my-phone-is-dying-and-I-cant-instagram. Yea, it was like that. Embarrassing I know.

WHOA THERE TURBO. You once waited five hours in India for a yoga competition to start, remember? So I took some deep breaths and tried to turn my mind silent. It was HARD.

This city makes you tough. I felt rather awesome to feel at home in NYC. So much pride to be a part of it all.

I’d say I definitely have some unfinished business left to take care of in New York city. It’s nice to know that whenever I am READY TO TAG-IN, I CAN.

But right now, India is the next on the list.

Slowly getting back into India-mode. Preparing myself for the mosquitos that love my sweet blood. The heat. The slower pace of life. Conservative dress. The dust. Un-called for stares. The ultimate patience and flexibility. Bucket baths and squatting toilets. Pranayama. Sweet chai.

5am wake up call tomorrow. CANNOT WAIT to see all my yogis here.

New adventure. New beginning. New mission.

This is going to be good.

Much love,
More later,





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