One month in India

My first month in India has been nonstop flurry of traveling and seeing people – friends, relatives, aunties, uncles. Seven cities! (I still have to update you all on my trip to Gwalior). Seeing people is definitely fun, you get fed all the time, you learn so much, get so many ideas. But it is also exhausting.

I’m really fed up of transportation. Car rides, train rides, plane rides, boat rides. Yuck. I get so motion sick. Walking or biking or motor biking are okay because the wind blows I’m your face. I REALLY want to get a motor bike. That would be so fun!!!!!!!

Now, I’m in a bit of a limbo. I’ve seen the family, unloaded all the presents, and now I would like to be set free. I miss practicing yoga. On the other hand, India is not the safest place for me to be roaming around on my own at the moment. Hmm. Let’s see what happens.

I just got back to Pune. It’s super nice to be in a clean home. My grandparents are here. They have a shower! My Granny is a laundry queen. Grandpa is just so funny. I am actually allowed to step into the kitchen and make my own food.

BUT, not much happens here, as my grandparents live in a retirement community. You can easily stay in your PJs all day. It’s no Bombay that’s for sure. But it’s clean and safe. I’ve looked up a bunch of yoga and dance studios to go try next week. I even found a Bikram college, which is managed by Bikram himself – I’m intrigued. I think if I can make myself busy enough, I can be happy here.

My baking is a such hit in India. People seem to be blown away by really simple things I have made, like banana bread or chocolate chip cookies. It’s really funny because everything has been somewhat disastrous in my opinion – no one has baking ingredients or cup measures, or ovens, so I’ve had to make all sorts of substitutions. But somehow, everything is turning out all right. Yesterday, Granny and Grandpa were so thrilled to eat carrot cake (which we baked in their microwave and toaster oven!)

Today, Grandpa is going to initiate me as a Reiki level 1 healer. Woohoo. Very excited.

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