2013 in Mumbai

Happy New Year friends!! i wish you all an exciting and adventurous 2013!!

How did I spend the new year? In the middle of the Arabian Sea, on a boat, with my dad and close family friends who work in the Indian Navy. (I have extreme motion sickness so I wasn’t as gung-ho about the idea as everyone else was, but I survived :)) Definitely a first to remember! We even brought a cake with candles to celebrate my dad’s birthday (which is coincidentally on Jan 1st).

The whole purpose of the midnight boat escapade was for the foghorns. At midnight, the foghorns on all the boats in the harbor were supposed to fire away. Instead, there was complete silence on the seas. We were so confused. The kids were so disappointed. The next day, we found out that no one was celebrating at midnight because of the unfortunate situation with the girl in Delhi.

Speaking of that, this news is really awful. I’m kind of freaked out about it all, but in a way it’s good. It will force me to be extra careful and not make dumb decisions.

So Jan 1st is actually a working day in India. Super unproductive since everyone is half asleep, but nevertheless, my dad had a ton of meetings in Bombay.

I went with him and kept myself busy for the day. First stop, to the salon to get my hair washed. It had been weeks since I’d been able to give it a good wash (bucket baths in foreign places are not the most effective). Best decision ever. Ahh it was so good to feel nice and pretty and clean on the first day of the year :).

This was the first day in a while that I had some “me” time. Some space from family and friends. Some freedom. Not having to compromise to the schedules of others around me. I could take my time looking at whatever. I had really missed my own company.

Mumbai is like the New York of India. Gosh I miss New York like crazy. I spent my time in the city visiting a bunch of yoga centers where I could possibly attend. I also got to see where all the Bollywood actors live. So cool!

An observation…India is funny in regards to showing skin. I was wearing my hi-lo skirt one day and it was causing a mini scene. I’ve realized that people will stare and glare at you if your legs are showing. BUT it’s totally acceptable to wear a low back, midriff top, showing your whole belly, how saris are designed. Very interesting. So it’s a culture thing.

Also, I thought that saris are the “fanciest” or most dressy outfit you could wear here, but I’m realizing that the poorer classes tend to wear saris everyday, while the more well- off classes either wear more stylish Indian suits or American clothes.

Everyone is extremely helpful here…like helpful times 80. No one will ever say “I don’t know” or “I cant help you” to you. It can actually cause so much more chaos, especially when you ask for directions. Haha.

I think I’d enjoy living here.

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