Just Made My Week

So, this week has been crazy, and I apologize for no posts on Bake With Sonia!

First, I had to evacuate for Hurricane Irene…

Then, my computer decided to act up a little bit and overheat: I personally, I think this happened because I now I am always on my fancy new smart-phone, and I use a PC at work.  My poor little Macbook needed some attention!

Yet, despite the chaos, here are some things that made my week.

 Handmade magnets from the street fair.  I’m planning to send these home to my mom, BUT they can stay on my bulletin board for now :).

New Asics running shoes – much needed.  And PINK.

Came back to my apartment after Hurricane Irene to find this picture waiting for me from my buddy.  I love elephants. Thank you Arya!

Wednesday Happy Hour Cosmos with my roomies <3.

Teal Serena Mavi Jeans in my size at a sample sale!

Successful attempt #2 at making my favorite Indian tomato daal, thanks to my Aunt’s recipe.  YUM.  I’ll post the recipe up soon!!

I am a happy happy camper :) :) 

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