hello, goodbye.

Cheers to a new year, 2014!

I am so blessed to have YOU, the reader, taking time out of your life to accompany me along my journey. Really, I am blown away. Your interest, support, comments, feedback, and unconditional love for Bake with Sonia are the oxygen that breathes life into my site. So thank you, and thank you. And hopefully by now, I’ve taught you a thing or two about India, gotten you hooked on chocolate, and planted a tiny yoga-seed somewhere inside. Can’t wait to see how it blossoms ;).


Goodbye 2013 and welcome 2014!

This last year I spent in India was transformational. Everyday practice of genuine yoga, focused study, spirituality, meditation, reading, early rising, simplicity, nature, connected to the Earth. Truly an adventure of healing and passionate work.

Yet how fast it happens, after setting foot in America, that the carpet of discipline and simplicity is yanked from underneath my feet. Thrown out the window in the first trendy musical yoga class I attend. Life’s tug of war begins with distractions pulling me left, opportunities pulling me right. The Super Bowl playoffs. Chocolate cake. Lululemon. Wonderfully distracting, exciting comforts of home.

So now the real dilemma becomes how to preserve and deliver pure nature within a sea of distractions. How do you combine the Eastern heart with the Western intellect? Hmm. I’m going back to India to figure this one out.20140123-154905.jpg

My theme for 2014 and beyond…(drumroll please!)

Vairagya (ver-raa-gya)

In Sanskrit, it translates to un-attachment. Renunciation of the pains and pleasures in the material world. Things, feelings, people, expectations – if it’s a noun, it is fair game.

In yoga, vairagya (un-attachment) and abhyasa (practice) go hand-in-hand, as incredibly important principles for living life, as this is what will accelerate your soul’s progress toward mukthi, or the divine. And even if you don’t believe in all that soul stuff, practicing a bit of vairagya makes life move much more smoothly.

For example, not over-packing my suitcase as much as I usually do. Worrying less about the who, what, when, where, why, how, I expect things to happen and instead creating space for things unfold exactly how and when they should. These stressors that usually crawl up to push my buttons haven’t been able to permeate my skin. Wow.

My dad brought up an interesting point: In order to un-attach yourself, you must first get attached to something. Sure its easier said than done, but definitely within our reach. I dare you to try it once a day, on something really small, just to see how it works for you.

Luke says he will give it a shot.


Bring it on, India part three!!

Wishing all of you loud gusts of wind that will sweep you off your seat and take you on an adventure.

Much love,

More later,


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2 thoughts on “hello, goodbye.

  1. Rajiv

    Vairagya – so simply explained . Well done, Sonia.
    I read this recently ” Don’t be vested in the outcome” – rings a similar bell to : Worrying less about the who, what, when, where, why, how, I expect things to happen and instead creating space for things unfold exactly how and when they should.”

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