About Sonia

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Bake with Sonia, my fabulous little baking blog :)

Well a little about myself…

I am a recent UC Berkeley grad, just moved to NYC!!  So here I am, living in this crazy city, trying to fit in, and baking whenever I get the chance.

  (THANK GOODNESS, I found a place with a decent sized kitchen!)

Baking is the way I express my CREATIVE side!  It’s like…my way of doing ART.  I can turn on my music, get out all of my ingredients, and let my imagination run WILD, as I create my masterpiece.

((The best part is that I can also EAT it, and it probably tastes like CHOCOLATE. YUM))

While we are on the subject, chocolate is a daily part of my diet…gotta have some everyday or I must not be feeling well!

So I guess I am a bit of a foodie

I love to walk through farmer’s markets.

I read recipes online while commuting to work.

I am usually always watching the food channel.

I walk into every bakery I see, just to admire the tasty goodies.

and man do I LOVE Trader Joes.

I am so excited to share my favorite recipes and new experiments with you all on here!

I hope you don’t get too hungry :)

Enjoy Bake With Sonia!



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