Yogi Cupcakes

What are Yogi Cupcakes?

WELL, let me just tell you:  Take a Triple Chocolate Cupcake, super dense and delicious (here), smother it in Chocolate Peppermint frosting (here), and top it off with homemade Peppermint Bark (here).

THese Little guys just got into a peppermint snowball fight – laughing, falling over, getting hit in the face, picking each other back up, Yoga LOVIN’ :)

The Story

For the past 10 weeks, I have been in yoga teacher training (hence the much fewer blog updates) with 45 strong, talented, and beautiful people, who are now like my family.  Aren’t I lucky?

Yoga has always been a huge part of my life – when I was 5 years old I used to do sun salutations with my grandpa and stare at the funny looking shapes in his yoga book.  Today, yoga has worked to strengthen me on the inside and out, healed me, connected me to a more balanced life that I can truly enjoy.  It continues to surprise me with new learning.  And this is really just the beginning of a beautiful, exciting future!

Becoming a yoga instructor, being able to share this gift of yoga with others, is something I’ve only ever dreamed about.  Even now, I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not dreaming, but rather living in my dream.  (If you have never felt this way before, I truly hope that someday you do, because it feels indescribably awesome).

Anyways, now I will get to the cupcakes!

So, Saturday was our graduation ceremony pot-luck, and I opted to make dessert (big surprise).  Earlier in the week, I had already planned to make some of my famous Oatmeal Almond Mistletoe Cookies, simple and delicious – I had even already made a double batch of the cookie dough, which is now patiently waiting in my freezer.

However, after walking home Friday night after our final yoga test, my heart was so filled with joy and spontaneity and love.  I had to do something really really special to celebrate this life-changing journey with these people whom I had grown to love so much.

And, I’m not going to lie, I was starting to feel some pressure when everyone kept asking me what I was going to make for the party!  I had shared this blog with everyone, so they knew I was kinda into dessert :) 

So, before I even reached my apartment, I turned myself around and raced down to the store, picked up some ingredients for the cupcakes.  I made it halfway home until I thought of an even better idea – the peppermint bark garnish!! (oh great…)  So I turned myself back around to the store, picked up more ingredients (this happened again at 8am the next morning for the chocolate peppermint frosting – silly, crazy me, I know).

But I was just so excited about this, that even though I was up all night baking, not even for a second did it feel like work. Plus, I also had my Christmas Music Going :)

I didn’t even know how they would come out, because it was really all an experimental vision in my head.  Overall, I was rather pleased…

They were perfect for the celebration of something great, perfect for the holiday season, and perfect for brightening someone’s day.

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3 thoughts on “Yogi Cupcakes

  1. Priyanjali

    Hi sonia :) I really enjoyed looking through your website and all the delicious recipes. I am definitely going to try making something. If you have any good lemon cheesecake and lemon tart recipes, do share them. i’d love to try them.

    And the photography is just brilliant!

    take care,
    Priyanjali :)

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