While studying chocolate…

I am writing a paper on the advertising of chocolate, and I keep discovering some pretty cool stuff…ENJOY!!

DID YOU KNOW…that chocolate became popular in America during World War 2, when it was used as nutritious energy for the soldiers?

What makes chocolate melt in your mouth?

Cocoa butter has a melting point just below human body temperature. This means that when you pick up a piece of chocolate, or put it in your mouth, your body starts warming it past its melting point. This results in a wonderfully messy experience of melted chocolate in your mouth—and on your fingers.

Why do packages always write the cacao percentage on the box?  What does this mean? 

According to chocolate.com, the percentage of cocoa/cacao reflects how much pure cocoa bean is within the chocolate.  The rest of the bar is sugar.  Bitter chocolate is 100% cacao, while milk chocolate is about 30-40% cacao.  A higher cacao percentage results in lower sugar and more intense chocolate flavor.  Lower cacao percentages result in sweeter chocolate bars.  Depending on your taste preference, you can choose accordingly.

This Wispa Gold chocolate bar wrapper is made with real gold!!

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