Sweet Adventures: Momofuku Milk Bar

So every now and then, I get turned around on the subway – i jump on a wrong train, and then another, and end up getting so lost and frustrated and claustrophobic in the stuffy underground that I just give up entirely and walk my way home.

This makes for SWEET adventures. 

I came across Momofuku’s Milk Bar, on 2nd Ave and 13th street one night.  A cute little shop with a bright blue light up sign, people bustling in and out, and kids eating cookies on the doorstep.  I decided to go in.

“Hi, I’ve never been here.  What’s the favorite?” I asked.

The sweet girl at the counter explained everything in the shop and gave me a sample of their Cereal Milk flavored ice cream.  Cereal milk flavor!!? Can you believe that?  And it really did taste like the delicious milk left over after your bowl of cereal.  Wow.

I left with their most popular Compost Cookie – pretzels, potato chips, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, coffee grounds, ALL IN ONE COOKIE!  I was skeptical at first, because I’m not a an of potato chips, but the cookie was surprisingly amazing

I am going to try and re-create these soon and if I’m successful, I will post it up!

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