Since we last spoke.

A few A ton of things have happened.

My goodness, it has been three entire months since we last spoke.

Three whirl-windy, 30-day clusters, packed with flights to California and Mexico, drives up and down that beautiful 101 FWY to San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County…

Family bond-ing.    Yoga teach-ing.    Puppy cuddl-ing.    Trader Joes-ing.  

GRE study-ing while World Cupp-ing. (GO MESSI!)

Luke didn't let me out of his sight!

Luke didn’t let me out of his sight!

Good times, busy times, unpredictable times.

I arrived back to Pune yesterday morning. It is July, the middle of monsoon season, and the sky keeps sloshing down buckets of water onto the Earth. It smells lovely, like wet mud. The cool air is so heavy with moisture, that I think I’m already getting the sniffles. Some haldi milk will take care of that. The familiar roads are bustling with their corner shops. Same faces, new faces. Construction has halted because of the rain, but you can make out from the rising structures that things are slowly changing here.

I am very very very happy and excited to be back here. AND OH HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL! I’d love to hear how you are doing and what you are up to, so send me some updates! I’ve got lots to share, and I promise to post often.

Much love,

More later,


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