interviewing intuition.

Feeling carefree and light after a good day’s work, I left my teacher’s small cottage house and bounced down along the narrow, bike-worn path toward the main road. Suddenly, I froze in awe. Ten, twelve, no, ALMOST TWENTY, big, beautiful, black cows were just ahead of me, walking arm in arm. They meandered slowly, nibbling on the grass, laughing with each other, coo-ing and moo-ing. What a sight! [I was too engrossed in drinking in the scene to pull out my camera, so you will have to paint the real picture in your head.]

There really was no way around them, as there was only one path to the main road, and we would have to share.

Nervous? Sure. It was a bit very overwhelming to see the mini herd closing in on me as every second passed, their powerful bodies with long pointy horns swaying as they sauntered along steadily.

Afraid? No. I didn’t feel that trembling in my heels that I typically get when I sense danger. Something in the pit of my stomach emitted feelings of benevolence and peace. Something told me that everything was going to be just fine.

Grabbing hold of my friend’s elbow, we slowly glided through the cows as they majestically passed us by. Let me tell you, the exhilaration of the moment was cleansing.9TpxKqETE

This year, I have been fascinated by the power of intuition.

Intuition is what brought me back to India. Intuition is what cleared the many hurdles along the way.

…like when my loving family encouraged me with all their might to stay home with them. A beautiful apartment along the beach in Santa Barbara had my name on it. My closest friends threw me every counter-argument they could think of to keep me in a first world country. My hairdresser, my dad’s boss, and my doctor, even pulled the marriage card, threatening that I would never get married if I kept running off to India. Oh, my, goodness. Really?

Then, there was the toughest bully. My own mind. It voraciously drank in reasoning from the outside and attacked with pragmatism. It relentlessly protested. Why are you leaving career opportunities? Why leaving family? Cleanliness? Ease? Comfort? Bubble baths? Luke? TRADER JOES?

I had no real reasons for going back to India. Yet something deep, deep, deep inside just had to get back. I cannot explain in words how grateful I am to have listened to that silent, yet firm feeling of clarity.


noun [in-tu-i-shen]

Google’s take: The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

My take: That silent, yet clear feeling in your gut and pit of your stomach, that tells you to go ahead and jump or makes you hesitate and take a few steps backwards. You know that feeling? From what I have been reading, practicing, and experiencing in my meditation and yoga, I believe it is when your heart is speaking to you.20140926-225912.jpg

Where does it come from?

An easier question to answer is where does it NOT come from. The head is not the heart, that is for sure. Whenever I am brooding over a situation with my carefully drawn up list of pros and cons, my dad wisely suggests, “Give it a rest and come back to it later. This is only coming from your head. Tune into your heart for the answer.”

It is difficult to pinpoint the origin of intuition exactly, because it is so subtle and so unique in each and every living being, and in each and every moment. I find that my intuition glimmers in the split hair of a second that gives me a first impression of the situation – my first feeling.

Whether I actually listen to this intuition, really depends on how well I can control my mind in the moment. My mind quickly comes barging in with reason, ready to grant permission or veto.

How can you hear the heart? And more often?

If you can quiet your mind, you can sharpen your instinctive, intuitive power. Find a way to become more sensitive to your inside voice, versus the outside noise or mental thought. Meditate, close off your mind with a yoga practice, take time to leave your intellectual space and go watch the waves. Click here and try this.

What does it feel like?

I imagine that this must a unique and different experience for all people. In my own experience, the sensation of agreement and benevolence comes from a lightness in my chest, and the sensation of resistance comes in my stomach or down by my heels and ankles.

Why are some of us (like my mother) more intuitive than others?

I honestly don’t have an answer. It is amazing. Perhaps she is born with the gift. Any ideas?

What about the why?

The heart doesn’t provide reasons, at least not immediately. It is more like the Nike swoosh, Just do it. Or Just don’t do it.

Yet, I surmise the heart is already fully aware of the “why”, and chooses not to disclose this to us right away, maybe because we will not understand just yet. When the opportune moment arises, it reveals and enlightens us with reason that we can grasp, comprehend, and appreciate. The AHA! moment feels so good when we understand.

Can I trust my intuition?

YES, absolutely. I truly believe so. In my experience, intuition, or the voice of the heart, has never failed me. In fact, it has led me around the world on the most beautiful adventures.

However, don’t take my word for it. The power of intuition will be best explained by your own experiences. Try it out! I look forward to hearing your stories too.



Much love,

More later,



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