Welcome to Bake with Sonia, my fabulous little food blog. Right now, it is more of my travel blog, because I have dropped everything, and taken off to INDIA!

SOME HISTORY…I grew up in southern California, +father +mother +two brothers +puppy.  I graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2011, landed a job, and moved to NYC.  And man, I loved it there <3. After I had my fill, teaching yoga and working a 9-5 job, I took off to the mother-land, India.  Why? To shake things up a bit, to become a better Indian, to learn more about yoga, which has become my life.

My true passions lie in food, fitness, wellness, and health.  I love using GOOD ingredients. Good dark chocolate. Raw sugar. Fresh cream. Sweet butter. Whole wheat, millet, flax, the list goes on. It feels so nice to make something and know that what you are eating is goodness. I spend most of my time in the kitchen or on my yoga mat :).


Food is my outlet, my interest, my creative, my expertise.  I can turn on my music, get out all of my ingredients, and let my imagination run wild, as I create my masterpiece.  ((The best part is that I can also eat it, and it probably tastes like chocolate))

You could say I’m a bit of a foodie…I am magnetically attracted to bakeries and farmer’s markets, I read recipes online before going to bed, I can talk for hours about how to make the perfect pie crust, if I watch TV it’s for sure the food channel, I understand how ingredients interact with one another, and man do I LOVE Trader Joes. (If I am ever lost and out of reach, go to Trader Joes.  I’ll be there)

OKAY, so I also have a sweet tooth. Most things on here have chocolate…I blame my family for this.  I’ve been brought up on the stuff!  Chocolate is a daily part of my life, and if I ever refuse it, then I know I must not be feeling well.

I created this blog in November 2010, and it’s become something unexpectedly awesome.  I am so excited to share about my journey, favorite recipes, and new experiments with you all on here! Comments/Questions are greatly appreciated.  I hope you don’t get too hungry :)




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