Four hugs a day.

Four hugs a day. That’s the minimum. Not the maximum.

Does anyone know that Charlotte Diamond song?

Mom used to pop that cassette into the car on the way home from school in the early 90s and sing along with us. Ah, the 90s…

This past weekend, my Granny reminded me of these lyrics.

A HUG. Something you give and receive at the same time. An exchange of loving energy. Fuel for the heart.

Yes, I am all in favor for eating clean and healthy. Exercise is incredibly important as well. But I would argue that fuel for the heart is the supreme, the most potent for healing.

My neighbor on the plane sported an awesome T-shirt.

My neighbor on the plane sported an awesome T-shirt.

Food for the heart can sneak up on you in all sorts of ways. I’m sure you have all experienced that feeling of total contentment, when you wake up and realize that there is no school because it’s that first day of summer. Happiness when you get a good score on your project that you worked so hard for. Comfort when you come to your home after being away for a long time. Finishing a book with a happy ending. A heartfelt email that makes you smile. How you feel on your birthday when people call to say I love you. These times are healthy times.

What exactly do I mean?

When the heart is nourished, when it is content, the emotions that arise – of happiness, gratitude, bliss, safety, and the like – release certain chemicals that start to heal the system instantaneously, effectively, and most powerfully.

On the other hand, emotions of the opposite nature – such as anger, jealousy, hatred, guilt – release chemicals that hinder our systems. Yikes. According to science, these actually start to eat away at our insides, stressing out the system and causing things to go awry.

Although we cannot help it when these emotions sneak into the system, we can learn to catch ourselves and change the internal weather. Now, when I get angry about something or at someone, I try to let the anger leave just as fast as it came. IT IS NOT EASY. But I tell myself to do it at least for my own body’s sake, just like I practice yoga and eat my greens. It’s working pretty well.

Bottom line is, feed your heart with the good stuff, like heart-to-heart hugs, and try to let the ugly stuff leave just as fast as it came. Now don’t just take my word for it – test it out and experience it yourself!

Four hugs a day? Mmm mmm, mmmhmm, good.


Much love,

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