Five Full Hearts.



My book of quotes by Guruji Iyengar. Brilliant man, enlightening, precious book.

One of my favorites is “Do the maximum knowing the minimum. Then break your maximum to go further and further.” –BKS Iyengar.



Post-yoga papaya bowl. “Ohhh myyy guuuudness”, as my Finnish housemate says with such zest and zeal. I start to crave this towards the end of my practice and I have to tell you how lucky I am to eat this every single day. Every single day, I almost die at how delicious it is and thank the Earth for bearing these fruits. This is what they must eat in heaven. You can find the recipe here. 




Pune Baking Company at the Marriot hotel. A family friend dropped me here saying, “You’ve got to check out their bakery.”

I have been craving bread. On these muddy rainy days, I just crave a cup of tea and a hearty hunk of whole wheat goodness, studded with seeds and grains. This is hard to find in India. I was only going to have a look, but before I knew it, I was sitting down, ordering my first salad that I’ve eaten in six months along with a delicious baguette and a cup of green tea.

The bakery is amazing. Fresh breads of all kinds, multigrain and rye!, buttery croissants and cinnamon rolls, juices, tea and coffee, impressive desserts. The whole place is decorated with chocolate sculptures, molded fondant, and baking ingredients, like dark chocolate chips. I asked if I could order some chocolate chips to-go. The waiter was a little surprised and a tad confused. He politely said, Ek minute “one minute” and rushed off to go whisper to his colleague. Together they proudly brought me a to-go cup full of amazing good quality dark chocolate chips. Really a rare find in India! I was so happy.

I am now a regular customer and my bakery friends greet me graciously whenever they see me. That crazy silly girl who ordered the chocolate chips.




This little Muffin. I’ve been having puppy fever all month. Reminiscing the days when Luke was just a baby that I could bounce in my arms as his head bobbed up and down. And then this little creature trots into my life. Thoughts are powerful, I told you! I swoop her up in my arms and both our hearts are beating with contentment.




ADHO MUKHA SVASANA “Downward facing dog”.  An amazing, energizing, powerful pose. Complete rejuvenation. I begin my practice here everyday.

Why you should do it.

Tones your arms and legs. Stretches your shoulders, thighs, calf muscles, wrists. Releases tension in your back and relieves stress. Allows the blood to flow to your head, bringing energy to your entire body. Helps with digestion. Rids fatigue. Do I need to say more? Because I can…Now you try!

How you do it.

Sit on the floor on your hands and knees. Spread your hands to the width of your shoulders. Spread your knees and feet to the width of your hips.

Press all five fingers firmly into the ground, un-tuck your toes, and lift your hips up towards the ceiling. Press the ground firmly away from you as you lift your hips upward. Try to lower your heels towards the ground.

While in the pose.

Press your kneecaps towards the backs of your knees so that you feel your inner thighs and calf muscles working hard. Press your fingers firmly into the mat, so that your entire arm is working. Press your dorsal back (middle back) towards your thigh muscles.

Imagine that there are hooks, like belt loops, on your hips that are being pulled up towards the ceiling. Keep your head, neck, and face relaxed. Keep your belly soft. Don’t forget to breathe! Breathe deeply.

TRY holding this for five deep breaths. Rest in child’s pose and then try again for another five deep inhales and exhales. If you find yourself slouching in the pose, best is to rest and try again. Practice this everyday and you will amaze yourself with strength!

When do I do it?

Now! Anytime you want. Whenever you are feeling exhausted and need a pick me up. Whenever you want to relieve some stress. However, don’t do it right after a meal.

Much love,

More later,


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  1. Teresita

    Hi sonia, im teresa, from argentina. we have shared some momentes in pune this July, congrats for your blog . It been so nice meeting you, wish you the best, and ill go on reading you here, liked your blog a lot,, kisses. Im back home right now!!! Missing those incredible personal practices and classes at Rimyi.

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