Five favorites: regarding ice-cream

Five cold creamy desserts i love (in no order).

  1. Coffee Ice Cream Sundae from Fenton’s Creamery.

I’ve always been a fan of coffee ice cream.   Fenton’s Creamery, a family owned ice cream diner that I worked at during college at Berkeley, hands-down, makes the best coffee ice cream sundae.  Their ice cream is incredible, but I truly feel that the magic happens with their hot fudge – it is the best hot fudge I have ever tasted!  On my last say of work, I left with a giant coffee ice cream sundae, slathered with hot fudge, almonds, and homemade whip cream.  Deliciously satisfying.


2. Sweet Milk with Chocolate gelato from NYC’s Eataly.

I walked by Eataly, this intriguing gourmet supermarket and eatery.  It looked so exciting, i just had to walk inIt was like I was in Italy!  I gravitated towards the crowded gelato counter and before I even realized what was happening, I happily had this sweet milk and chocolate gelato in my hands.  (Gelato = Italy’s ice cream).  It was absolutely delicious – the sweet cream was in fact, creamy and so light.  And the chocolate chunks…I could tell by the intense chocolate flavor that this was some good chocolate.  Yum.  I dropped my bags, sat down at an outdoor table, and ate it in bliss.

3. Japanese Azuki (Red Bean) Ice Cream

I’ll admit, it’s a rather strange favorite.  When I tell people “My favorite ice cream flavor is azuki,”  they are like “whaaaat?”  Azuki is very popular ice cream flavor in Japan, and I discovered it while working at a sushi restaurant a couple years ago.  Unfortunately, I can’t really describe the flavor in words.  I’ll try though: it’s sweet and creamy.  The red beans give it a unique texture.   It’s just one of those things you are going to have to trust me on, or try it yourself if you dare!

4. Three Twins Organic Ice Cream: Milk and Cookies.

While walking through Berkeley’s Saturday morning farmer’s market, a lady handed me a sample of Three Twin’s Organic Milk and Cookies Ice Cream.  This was an amazing discovery.  Usually I don’t like the cookies and cream flavor of ice cream, maybe because I’m not a huge fan of oreos, but this one is different.  I don’t know what they do to make it so good! The cookies are full of flavor and in each bite, you get a perfect combination of cookie crumbs and milk chocolate ice cream.  One night, i trekked all through Berkeley to find an open supermarket which sold this flavor!

5. Stew Leonard’s Pure Vanilla with Chocolate Chunks Ice Cream.

Camera shy

My cousins brought me to Stew Leonards, this incredible grocery store and dairy in Connecticut and insisted that I must try the ice cream here.  It’s really amazing.  The vanilla flavor is so creamy and tastes as if it was just made that day – the chocolate is also great quality and cut into humongous chunks.  (You all probably know my love affair with chocolate by now)  I went back for seconds…thirds…fourths…


So if you get the chance, try these!  I know I talked you into it.




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