“Nothing is impossible” like ADEEDAZ

Bittersweet day today.

Krishna, our world cup champion yogi, is leaving us to start his new life in Singapore teaching yoga. Earlier, Pallavi and I made him a CV for all of his yoga awards and sent it out abroad. Now he’s received a full sponsorship, proper job, place to live, a chance to totally change his life. Incredible.

So today we said goodbye. He touched Pallavi’s feet – she has been his guru since age 6. He shook my hand and didn’t refuse the things I handed to him like he usually does. In the bag was some dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate for the journey, as well as a notebook of English yoga commands and common phrases, that we had written out together. I remember when I taught him the word “friend” or dhost. He took his time to think before pointing at his yoga brothers sitting further away, and then said “They. Friend”. Then he turned to me and said “You. Friend”. I was touched.

Yes we had become good friends.

I can’t help but feel a little sad not seeing this bright eyed, mischievous grinning face everyday agilely walking on his hands around the studio, jumping around like a bandar, monkey. We spoke hardly any words because of the language barrier, but our communication was so complete and clear that we could laugh over the same things. Some unspoken yoga language. If I feel this way, imagine what Pallavi and his yoga brothers must feel.


He is the leader, the confident, charismatic one, the one all the boys look to for guidance. But it is leadership with love. It is confidence without ego. It is charisma with humility and selflessness. What a fantastic combination. I’m really glad to have met someone like him. I wish him so much luck.

Ho hum. Maybe I’ll go eat some of the milk chocolate that I have converted into bittersweet chocolate. Yes, you read correctly and better believe that I have unwrapped the lovely gold Cadbury Dairy Milk bar (Cadbury makes me feel like I am going to win the golden ticket everytime), then I have melted it, then stirred in heapings 100% cocoa powder, then carefully molded it back into a bar like shape, then stuck it into the freezer. Ten minutes later, Voila. Delicious bittersweet chocolate. Haha.

Nothing is impossible, like ADEEDAZ (Adidas in Hindi).

Much love,
More later,


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