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Welcome to Bake (+travel) with Sonia, my fabulous little foodie blog!

Adventures. Travels. Yoga. Food. What could be better?

My name is Sonia. I grew up in Southern California with +Father +Mother +2 Brothers +Puppy.


BAKING is my outlet, my creative, my expertise. I think this has come from my mom’s side. She is an excellent cook, and my Nani (mom’s mom), knows volumes of information about preparing every possible dish from her own experiences. Super cool. So with practice, patience, and never-ending kitchen disasters, I have become good friends with the flour, brown sugar, butter, baking soda crowd.  I turn on my music, get out all of my ingredients, and let my imagination run wild, follow my heart, as I create my masterpiece. The best part is when I get to share it with others, like family, friends, co-workers, yogis. It makes me feel so good.

HEALTH NUT. I love good, wholesome, fresh ingredients in whatever I eat and make. My body takes such good care of me, so I believe that I must take care of it in return. Fresh fruits and veggies. Whole wheat and millet and oats. Good cheese. Nuts and avocados. Homemade peanut butter. Dark chocolate. Raw sugar. Fresh cream. Real butter. It feels so nice to make something and know that what you are eating is goodness.

FOODIE. I am magnetically attracted to bakeries and farmer’s markets. I read recipes online before going to bed. I can talk for hours about how to make the perfect pie crust. I have a much loved Vitamix named Hector (pronounced Ek-thor). Ina Garten is my favorite. I YELP a lot. And man do I LOVE Trader Joes. If I am ever lost and out of reach and not on my yoga mat, go to Trader Joes. I’ll be there.

UNEXPECTED TRAVELER. I have never asked for my travels. I would be overjoyed to live a calm beach town life, baking, doing yoga, taking care of my many children, curling up in a ball and drinking tea. But life has constantly dropped adventures, big moves, into my lap. Like getting into Berkeley. Like landing a job in NYC’s fashion industry and teaching yoga in the big city. Like whisking me away to India to study with BKS Iyengar and yoga champions. And I am just riding along with it. It’s good to shake things up a bit. I’ll save the beach-town-children bit for later.

CHOCOLATE HEALS ME. More times than I can count. People who don’t like chocolate, start to like chocolate when they start hanging out with me. It’s a fact. This ingredient is a daily part of my life, and if I ever refuse it, then I know I must not be feeling well.


FITNESS as my lifestyle. It is one of those things that makes me tick. All my life, I have been this active girl. Trying every sport imaginable, biking through the hills with my little brother, skateboarding down our street, running cross country through the strawberry fields in high school, training for marathons at Berkeley, dancing, practicing oh so much yoga. After I graduated from Berkeley, I didn’t want any sort of real job. All I wanted to be was a yoga instructor. And that is what I did. What a beautiful ride it is taking me on.


The joy I feel when I share my baked goodies is the same joy I receive when writing this blog.  I feel so excited and lucky that I get to share a piece of myself with you and the world. So thanks for visiting! You make me happy :).

Comments, questions, feedback, love are always much appreciated.









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